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B.I & Chanwoo Moment

"Wash the dishes and mop clear every inch(at home) starting from TV" - B.I
“The most nicest kid in this world, Jung Chanwoo” - B.I
“Chanwoo did better than I expected, I felt proud” - B.I

Is it just me or B.I’s secretly fall for Chanwoo?

Chanwoo is truly a humble, wise, well-mannered, hardworking kid. He is only 16, a perfect materials for maknae.

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’ve been re-watching every reaction from B.I about Chanwoo on MIX & MATCH Ep. 1
If you think B.I was being harsh, I think it’s not true. For me, even though he gave him a dead glare, he always put a very little smile/smirk every time Chanwoo’s speak.
When Chanwoo’s being asked by YG about “who is your fave hyung” he answered “all of them”. B.I gave him a proud father’s smile.
Once Yunhyeong said that he has some resemble with Chanwoo, B.I the first one who reacted and laugh.

I think, B.I being harsh on Chanwoo firstly because he is a newcomer, everyone hates new people esp. when you already bounded with each other & the newcomer will make everything more difficult.
Secondly, B.I didn’t want him to be lazy, B.I knew that he was an actor. B.I wants him to be serious when practicing. So he can have more motivation to develop his skills in short period.

[NEWS] 170914 'MIX & MATCH' will revealing Behind The Scene of B.I & Bobby's Show Me The Money ▷



Original tittle : '믹스앤매치' 바비-BI, '쇼미더머니3' 뒷얘기 공개


In Episode 1 of MIX & MATCH, Yang Hyunseok (CEO) introduced two new members ”They’re only practicing for about two months” and added “I’ve been watching them practicing every week, they’re fast learner. I think if I put them in…




The new logo have much meaning. The set of two letters B, when turns sideways, you can see two number 7 and two hearts. It means the emotions that Born to Beat passed from heart to heart!


[FANCAFE] 앵무새 - Parrot ▷


Posted on 2008.03.09 at 21.36 (9.36PM KST)

오늘 산책을하다가 집 잃은 앵무새를 주웠습니다.

차조랑 물을 먹이고 토끼장에 넣었더니 계속 울어서

이렇게 제 어깨에만 올라와있어요

엄마가 아마 주인에게 사랑을 많이 받은 앵무새 같다고하셨어요

내일 관리사무소에 가서 주인을 찾아줘야 할것같아요.ㅠㅠ..

Originally posted on 일편단심 정찬우 by Chanwoo


Today, I found a lost parrot on my way back…

ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 2008? This was when he just 10 years old omg he’s such a nice young man


[SCAN] Jung Chanwoo’s Elementary School Graduation Pictures

scanned pics source 일편단심 정찬우 - Jung Chanwoo’s Daum Fancafe
re-uploaded by FYeah! Chanwoo

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