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2hours before #TEENTOP4EVER @TEEN_TOP 4th Anniversary

'Growl' producer talks about K-pop in U.S. ▷
Say Hii to Jordan Kyle

@JordanKyleMusic just re-using his twitter again after long time hiatus and he made an instagram account as well with same username @jordankylemusic

If you wonder who is Jordan? He is one of Joombas Music Group producer and song writer. He graduated from Berklee Univ like Hyukshin.

Jordan Kyle Discography : (according to his wiki’s page)

  • Craig Smart “123” as Producer and Co-Writer
  • Charice “Lesson for Life” as Co-Producer and Co-Writer
  • Girl’s Generation “Romantic St.” as Co-Producer
  • SHINee “Dream Girl” as Co-Producer
  • EXO “Don’t Go” and “Growl” as Co-Producer and Co-Writer
  • TBA - Niel of Teen Top 
About Niel’s solo

after my post about Goby’s solo song. Seems like an angel read my post and spread it in twitter ^^ click for more article

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A solo song for Goby? Yes, please!

author note: this is just rumor. wikipedia is untrusted source, the page is editable by everyone. but i’m pretty sure Jordan’s wiki page is managed by himself like Ross’s page did.

last year in ross’s wiki page it stated that he’ll make a song for teentop (a boygroup from topmedia), it turned out a song for 100% (baekpercent) - want u back.

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